Around the turn of the Century (how often do you get to say that) I happened to see a show that was traveling around the country. It was called 'The Art of the Motorcycle' and was at popular museums and art galleries. I happened to catch it twice, once in Chicago and the other in Las Vegas. It was what it art show. It is probably still going around in one form or another.

1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Cooupe

Since I know there are people living in and around Phoenix that read this I thought I would make a mention of this show...'Curves of Steel'. I should think that they could have come up with a better name than that. It is at the Phoenix Art Museum all of April and May. Featuring 22 streamlined cars which are mostly from the 30's and from both sides of the Atlantic.

1957 Ferrari 625-250 Testarossa TRC

Only about 3 or 4 of these cars were built in the Detroit area. At least by name and they may not have been built in Michigan either. I mention that because they are from the era when almost all American cars were built in Michigan. The rest were built in states around Michigan and then in France, Italy and Spain.

1986 Oldsmobile Aerotech "...not your father's Oldsmobile"

Most of these cars really had beautiful lines and they sure weren't made for 'Joe Six-pack'. The only one that might have been for the average man would have been the Tucker made in Ypsilanti, Michigan. If the Federal Government had allowed him to continue. The Cord, Auburn, Bugatti, etc. are all beauties. The Oldsmobile pictured above was part of a series built in the late 80's and they hold some speed records. At one point, Oldsmobile, was the oldest car company in the United States. Started in 1897 and allowed to fold 2004. Due to years of mismanagement by General I think.