And now rolling around Ireland....may I present to you the Citroen Traction Avant ...

After it hit the market in 1934 the Citroen Traction Avant had front-wheel drive and a unibody. Does that sound like a couple of terms that you have heard before? There is nothing new in the auto industry, improved?, no. Well, I take that back...GPS for autos is about the newest thing and it has been around for almost 20 years. They weren't even the first with front-wheel drive. Cord, Alvis and a couple of others had it first.

This was quite an innovative car for it's day, but not enough to stay out of bankrupcy. Bankrupt in 1934, owner died in 1935 and the name has lived on forever. Well, so far, they did take a bailout from the French government in February and closed their plants in other countries. They are #1 in the World Rally races and were trying to buy the Honda Formula One team. What were they going to do that on...bailout money?

This design was used until 1955 (in Europe, pre-war auto designs were used long after the war was over) when the DS was their new model. Remember those? It was the car that would pull up next to you at a traffic light and raise up a few inches. Built in France, Belgium, Germany and England...the Germans kept the Frence plant open during the war to build cars for the German army.

A nice looking car, I think. So, do any of you have pictures of classics that belong to your neighbor or sitting in your garage that you haven't told me about? Do any of you have a picture of your parents by their new 1955 Buick, grandparents by their 1935 Ford or crazy uncle Joe by his 1932 Packard? If so, send it to me at the e-mail above. I would love to see it.