In the next few years we are going to see a lot of electric automobiles on the market. One up and coming car that I like is the Tesla. The company put together by some hard working whiz kids from the computer field. For a while I thought it was looking a little bleak for them, but now they have a dealer network and they offer service no matter where you are at in the United States and Canada. They will probably do the same in Europe as their dealships increase from their current three. If you have the money it might be interesting to try a dealership....I would do it in a minute. Only because I have been following 'electrics' for the last 41 years.

A few days ago they started off on a trip to put their car in the Detroit's North American International Auto Show. Driving across country with lots of stops to promote their product. Smart idea. Leaving from Los Angles with stops on the first part of the trip in Palm Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio and a couple of other towns in Texas. Through St. Louis, Chicago on into Detroit. As a former Detroiter we had a saying, "if it is snowing, it is Auto Show time." Some of the worst Michigan snow storms are during that two week period that the show is on. I will be interesting to see how the last half of their trip goes.

By driving across country they will expose a lot of people to this little beauty. At their stops they will give test drives and they are going to be scouting for the 'best of the best' as employees. When they hit the show they will be parked on Electric Avenue, sharing the scene with many other electric cars. A couple of years ago I went on a trip with a hybrid electric, what a fine car that was.

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