In the period prior to WW2, the automobile was beyond the financial reach of the average family and motorcycles with sidecars were commonplace as family transport. Enterprising Czech engineer Albin Liebisch embarked on a different philosophy, creating three and even four seat motorcycles sold in Germany under the brand Böhmerland. The 1937 Langtouren (long touring) model pictured is a three seater with two gearboxes, the second one requiring a passenger to change gears. The cast wheels were also a first for motorcycles.

The long 1937 Böhmerland Langtouren used a 603cc single cylinder engine with exposed valve gear, two gearboxes, two petrol tanks (both at the rear of the bike on either side) and a very long wheelbase, though it must be said that the roadholding behaviour of long wheelbase motorcycles is far more predictable and easier-to-use than motorcycles with sidecars.

Around Cyprus, and a lot of other countries, it is not uncommon to see three and four people on a single seat scooter.

photo by bonhams
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