◦Unveiled in 1974 and produced until 1982, the Maserati Merak is regarded as a light variant of Maserati Bora, equipped with smaller engines and with less advanced parts. Being built during the Citroen patronage, the Merak incorporated multiple features also installed on Citroen models, including the 3.0-liter engine, the dashboard and the hydraulic brake system, all of them used by Citroen SM. Similar to its bigger brother, the Merak came with a mid-mounted engine but packed the same bodyshell.

◦The V-6 four overhead camshaft engine with two valves per cylinder 2965 cc engine, fed by three twin-choke downdraught Weber 42DCNF carburettors, produced 190 bhp @ 6000 rpm with a maximum torque figure of 188 lb ft @ 4000 rpm.

◦This car is in very original condition. It is thought that the mileage is correct and it has its original paint. The car would greatly benefit from a re-paint and some interior trim work.

◦The front luggage compartment shows great originality and no intrusion of pests, etc.

◦Starts right up and is very drivable.

◦Has been in storage since 1979.


Car is in California

photo and text credit: via © 2010 eBay.com