Stanley. “Wacky” Arnold was an eccentric American automobile enthusiasts and business man who was one of the first to pick on the sports car trend after world war II . Believing that a mix of Italian styling and British mechanics would prove popular with amateur racers. Arnold planned for a new racer when MG failed to meet his demand for a chassis, he turned to Bristol for the underpinnings and had Bertone’s pen for a distinctive roadster body for his sporting car. The heart of the Arnolt Bristol was the six cylinder engine derived from BMW’s 328, which also had been put o use in the AC Bristol and Frazer-Nash . Along with a number of SCCA club racing victories, a 1,2,4 finish in the 2 litre class at the 1955 Sebring 12hours is one of Arnolt Bristols crowing achievements.

In 1959 when, W.M Hurt of New Jersey purchased this Deluxe roadster which he raced. Further suggesting this history of competition was a roll bar mounting found during restoration , some unique racing features we fitted at the factory include a front sway bar, larger brake drums, and adjustable torsion bars.

After it’s time with Mr.Hunt, the car went to James Rodgers, and engineer with Chrysler who served as a point of contact with Bristol cars. Rodgers began the process of bringing the car back to its original specifications and went to great lengths to purchase a number NOS parts and rare trim pieces.

In recent years a comprehensive was coordinated by using several Chicago based specialists including Beil’s upholstery and Northshore Sports Cars, with detail work completed under the guidance of the leading Arnolt experts. The restoration saw the body work stripped to bare metal, repaired and re-painted as also the fitting of a new interior and top. The engine was rebuilt and highly detailed for showing, and includes a new wiring harness. This careful restoration work was validated at the 2008 Masterpiece Concours in Milwaukee, WI. The received a Best in Class award as well as Best open post war sports car. Today the car remains beautifully presented and is offered complete with side curtains and full tonneau cover.

One of the more fascinating and resourceful cars to be built during the heyday of the sports car, the Arnolt Bristol is an unforgettable participant from this glorious era. Offering impressive performance, dramatic styling and precise nimble handling. It would be quite a feat to find such a fine example as the car presented here. It is estimated only half of these remarkable cars have survived. Less then 150 cars were produced and this is a special Deluxe roadster and differs from the basic Bolide model. It offers its passengers a fully finished interior, unique instrument binnacle and weather equipment. This stunning freshly restored Deluxe Roadster is an exceptional example of these unique automobiles. Arnolt Bristols are considered by some as the rarest and most desirable sports cars of the 50’s.


Located in California

photo and text credit: © 2011 thesandiegocollection.com