A street race, on the seafront, sun is shining....what could be better? A race would be nice. I wish they would take this race off the schedule. It opened in 2008 and with 11 right-hand turns and 14 left-hand turns supporting a top speed of 200 miles per hour you would think it would be at least interesting. Its not! Let it go the way of the dodo bird.

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel wins the European Grand Prix in Velencia, Spain ahead of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Red Bull's Mark Webber. Mark Webber is still my favorite, but doesn't stand a chance with his teammate who has won 6 out of the 8 races run this season. It was nice to see Alonso at least get on the podium since it is his home country. His best result in front of the locals to date.

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