A 67th floor waterfront condo for sale overlooking Chicago's Lake Michigan boasts unbelievable views and high-end luxury – and that’s just in the garage.

Hiding behind two ordinary doors, the condo’s included 12-car garage converted into a Ferrari-themed showroom and entertainment space is seen sheltering four Ferraris, two Porsches and an Austin Healey.

Rolled across bright red lacquered floors, the red and white vintage sports cars are just the accessories of a 2,700-square-foot heated showroom featuring track lighting, heating, and even a bar.
Listed all together for $3.4 million in Lake Point Tower - cars regrettably not listed as included - the upstairs, while slightly-smaller, is of course another heavy feature to note.

Spanning 2,500-square feet, the one-bedroom features a shared living and dining room beside an open-walled kitchen.

Though the interior is for the most part washed in a simple white, from the carpets to the walls and ceiling, the encompassing birds-eye views of Lake Michigan and Chicago's skyline provide it with any livening spice needed.

Building amenities include a private park, health club, restaurant & grocery.

But if finding the upstairs unappealing and the heated garage would do just as nicely on its own, it is listed separately by the owner for $2.2million.

An award-winning 70-story building situated between the mainland and Navy Pier, surrounding entertainment includes the Navy Piere IMAX Theatre and beer garden, the Pepsi Skyline Stage, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Chicago Funhouse Maz and Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows.

Past and present residents of the Lake Point Tower have included Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Mickey Rooney, musician Alice Cooper, and at least eight athletes from the Chicago Cubs, Bulls and White Sox.

Ultimate man cave........

photo credit: © 2013 realtor.com