Do you see any smiles here? Shouldn't they be smiling since they are on the podium? Are the fans smiling? Doubt it very much. I probably shouldn't say anything since I am biased toward Webber....on the good side. Webber has been my favorite driver for a few years now. Anyway, they are not smiling because none of them are in the place they should be in.

Let's start with Sebastian Vettel, last years World Champion, the sniveling, whining, little boy who has the great gift of being able to drive. He kept asking the team to let him pass Webber claiming that Webber was too slow. Not the case. If they had done that they would have had to ask Webber to back off and let Vettel through. In their wisdom they did not fall for that.tactic. Thirteen laps out from the end Webber had to make a pit stop and when he came out he was neck n' neck with Vettel. The team, not wanting to risk an accident (which has happened before), asked both drivers to start shutting down to preserve the engine and tires and finish the way they were. Which would have had Webber the winner, which he deserved since leading most of the race. Vettel decided to ignore orders and challenged Webber who was already shutting down. While is was exciting to watch, everyone knew this was not cool. I think Vettel has been hanging around with Michael Schumacher too much.

Mark Webber, well, what can I say. He got pimped and he has been getting pimped right along. He is very vocal and while Vettel wanted nothing said publicly Webber made sure the fans and the world knew what happened. Webber will probably pay the price for being outspoken....I am sure he can live with it.

Lewis Hamilton, who was asked to conserve fuel, had to slow down and his teammate, Nico Rosberg, was faster and asked to pass, but was refused. I think this was a mistake on Mercedes part, but they are paying Hamilton the big money and want results....on paper anyway. A bitter pill for both to swallow since they have raced together since they were kids.....and genuinely like each other. Hamilton acknowledged that the spot belonged to Rosberg.

It ended up with Vettel - 1st, Webber - 2nd, Hamilton - 3rd. It should have been Webber - 1st, Vettel - 2nd and Rosberg - 3rd. Next race is in China....I hope they get this stuff sorted out. 

photo credit: © 2013