1957 ALFA ROMEO 1900 SS

Designed by Orazio Satta, the 1900 was a big step for Alfa Romeo in that it was their first postwar design, first series-production car, first unibody, and first model with left hand drive. It also represented Alfa’s wise move towards the more affordable end of the performance car spectrum. Several changes were made to the twin-cam engine over the years, the most notable of which was the enlargement to 1,975 cc for the 1900 Super. An even hotter Super Sprint (SS) was introduced in 1954, and these models could also be fitted with five-speeds. 1900 SS’s are very valuable, and the car featured here, located Genova, Italy, is up for grabs.

The seller’s description is almost non-existent, but it looks like a project that someone put considerable energy into before running out of energy, time, money, or some of each. It is described as 95% complete, whatever that actually means, but it looks like there are plenty of spares that come with the car.

Aside from the rarer handfuls of coachbuilt 1900′s, the SS is the one to have. This one needs finishing, maybe a lot of finishing, but nice examples are worth well over $100,000, so it might be a good idea to get a hold of it. An appealing project, it’s also a rare example from one of the most formative periods of Alfa Romeo’s history. This worn out Super Sprint could definitely be a hot collector car one day soon.

Located in Italy........

photo credit: © 2013 eBay
text credit: © 2013 Andrew Newton / Sports Car Digest