Well, now! A race that can be called a race and in Bahrain yet. The race in Bahrain usually puts me to sleep, although last year wasn't bad, but the race this year was excellent. This race was the 900th Formula One and the 250th for Jensen Button. The performance of the winners in the last three races shows that Mercedes is the one to beat this year. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are Mercedes teammates and have been racing each other since they were children. I wouldn't say they are best of friends, but they are friendly enough. Friendly enough to race head to head without any misgivings. With no team orders to let one go ahead of the other they flip-flopped between first and second. Usually, fearing the cars will hit each other, they let them race it out....which is the way it should be. Hamilton did it in the end and Rosberg came in second.

After sitting out last weeks race, Sergio Perez, claimed how boring Formula One had become. After coming in third in Bahrain I wonder if he still feels the same today. These kids today start racing in their youth almost before they learn to ride bicycles. Perez started when he was six and raced in many series before ending up in F1. In 2012 he raced for Sauber earning a podium finish in Malaysia coming from a starting position of #12. For 2013 he moved to McLaren and was dumped by them at the end of the year. I felt that he got a bad shake from McLaren. but Force India picked him up for 15 million euros. Nice chunk of change for a 24 year old. He has started a foundation to help orphaned children in his home country of Mexico.

One of the best drives of the day went to Daniel Ricciardo who started out in 13th and ended up in 4th. After being penalized in each of the last two races with the carry over into Bahrain he has shown that he will be a driver to be on the prowl.

photo credit: © 2014 Active Photos
video credit: © 2014 Sky Sports