At the World Endurance Championship race in Brazil former Formula One driver Mark Webber had a terrible accident. Everyone knows that he has been one of my favorite drivers and I check to see how he is doing in his Porsche series.
He started in the pole position and this accident was in the last half hour of a six hour race. If you have ever watched other races such as NASCAR, IndyCar or Formula One you can see in the video below how painfully slow the response times were for the safety crew.
They say that he was doing 300 kilometers per hour when this crash happened. He has had many accidents in his career, but the ones that he has had are spectacular. Most memorable to me were the flip in a Mercedes at Le Mans in 1999 and the Formula One flip in a Red Bull in Spain in 2010;
He is resting comfortably in the hospital in Brazil.

video credit: © 2014 youtube.com