For the last two weeks I was on a classic car hunt in the great state of California. During the whole trip my computer was on the bum and because I was in a different place every day I couldn't get it fixed. This car above was the fruit of my labor. For the first time in many years I was unable to post the beginning auctions for the year.Quite often some of the best of the year. Below are the auctions and the website address where you can check the results. I hope my computer is back on track.

14th - Arizona - RM Auctions - www.rmauctions.com

15th - Arizona - Silver Auctions - www.silverauctions.com

15th - Arizona - Bonhams - www.bonhams.com

15th - Arizona - Russo & Steele - www.russoandsteele.com

16th - Arizona - Gooding & Company - www.goodingco.com

16th - Florida - Mecum - www.mecum.com

19th - England - Witham Specialist Vehecles - www.mod-sales.com

21st - England - Marussia Formula One - www.cagp.com

24th - Florida - Miami Car Museum - www.themiamiauctioncenter.com