Well, well, well! Changes might be in the air. Sebastian Vettel came in first for Ferrari. Good news for them. This is his 42nd win which puts him in the top three. Daniel Ricciardo came into second and Kimi  Raikkonen came in a distant third.

And what of Massa and Hulkenberg? Well, they ran into each other.The announcers claimed it was the fault of Massa and I viewed it as a fault by Hulkenberg. The race stewarts felt it was Hulkenberg and charged him with a three-place penalty for the next race. What is the point, it was just a racing accident. Formula One and their rules.

 My vote for 'Balls of the Week' goes to Max Verstappen for ignoring team orders to give up his spot to his teammate. 'Just say no!' and he did....claiming later that his dad would have kicked him in the nuts if he had followed those orders.

photo credit: © 2015