Quite the race for this season's opener. New teams, new suppliers, new drivers, all in a day's work. While the end result looked like business as usual nothing could be further from the truth. The winner was Nico Rosberg followed by his teammate Lewis Hamilton. Third went to Sebastian Vettel. The difference was that they really had to work for those wasn't just handed to them.

New teams, Renault and Haas, had great results. Renault team, Palmer and Magnussen, came in 11th and 12th. Haas ended up with Grosjean in 6th on their maiden voyage. His teammate, Gutierrez, was involved in a sever accident with Alonso. As for Alonso's car it was the worst I have seen in a long time.
My favorites, Massa and Hulkenberg, came in 5th and 7th. A nice touch was having Mark Webber, now World Champion Endurance Driver, do the post-race interviews. I miss him in this series.

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