This is such an interesting track and it was packed to the brim. Lewis Hamilton was the winner followed by his teammate Nico Rosberg. Now, third place didn't come so easy.....Max Verstappen crossed the line in third place....they gave him a 5 second penalty....which meant 3rd place went to Sebastian Vettel....who then get a 10 second third went to Daniel Ricciardo. I can't remember that happening to a podium group ever.

Last week I mentioned that the U.S. Grand Prix had been around for 4 years...wrong, I must have lost a year somewhere. That race was in its fifth year, time really flies, seems like only yesterday.

Nico Hulkenberg finally got past his first lap doldrums and came in 7th. Massa finished 9th and has only two more races left...I am going to miss him. The Haas team didn't have a good day and finished 19th and 20th.

photo credit: © 2016