Always an interesting race here in Brazil. They say that it is going to be the last race in Brazil and I say, why? Hamilton was the winner, Being out in front he was the only one that could see due to the rain. He has been breaking records right and left. Today, at 52 wins, he past 51 held by Alain Prost. Leaving only the 91 held by Michael Schumacher and will be very hard to beat. Rosberg had a chance for the Championship today, but now it goes to the last race with only 12 points separating him and Hamilton. Today he came in second. Verstappen, who came in third, was nothing short of fantastic. After being in 16th, caused by a series of tire changes, he made a fantastic run passing almost everybody.

Hulkenberg came in 7th after an up and down race. This was Massa last home race before his retirement at the end of the season. He crashed out in the persistent rain....on his way to the pits thousands of people cheered him...and when he got to the pits the teams cheered him. With special hugs from Ferrari (his old team) and Williams (his new team). It was very emotional.

The Haas team had its problems too. Grosjean crashed out before the race started and Gutierrez failed to finish. The team is not keeping him next year and he acted like a baby in the garage....might have something to with it.

photo credit: © 2016