Holy Moly! As I have said before the oval tracks keep you on the edge of your seat. This race reminded me of the Friday and Saturday Demolition Derby events they had at the small ovals near where I lived as a kid. I have never seen anything like it in years. Out of 22 starting cars there were only 8 left at the end under caution. All the cars that went out were due to accidents except one. View the highlight video below. In the major accident three teams lost both of their cars. One team that runs on the edge of money may have a hard time getting set up again. In the end, Will Power was the winner with Tony Kanaan second and Simon Pagenaud third.

Takuma Sato was given 10th place, but was out due to an accident. Ed Carpenter Racing was given 11th and 12th, but both cars were out in the big accident, later returned, but didn't finish in the running.

photo credit: © 2017 IndyCar
video credit: © 2017 IndyCar