I always liked this track, but it is older and a little hard for the cars to pass each other. Which sometimes makes for a 'ho-hum' race. Sebastian Vettel came in first which also leaves him in the lead for the championship. His team-mate Kimi Riakkonen came in second. Bottas came in third after his team-mate gave up the spot to him. Bottas had given up the spot to let Hamilton so he could challenge Vettel and Riakkonen. It didn't work and he gave the spot back....very rare.

Also, rare, Massa was off sick today. Nico Hulkenberg's car died in the last couple of laps leaving him in 17th. The Haas Team ended with one car in 13th and the other did not finish. Alonso, after years of suffering with McLaren, came in 6th. Good job.
photo credit: © 2017 APP