This race showed why Alonso is Alonso. In today's crazy race, which left many cars hydroplaning off the track, Alanzo came in first with Massa following 8 seconds later. Third went to Mark Webber. Mark was one of two drivers that flipped the low-slung Mercedes in Le Mans back in 1999...I think it was '99. What a picture that was.

So, where did Hamilton end up in this mess. Ninth place after starting in 17th and being one of the ones to look like a hydroplane. Because his engine kept running he was allowed to continue the race. His historic ride of nine podium finishes in a row has come to an end. I missed that big, broad smile at the races end. He actually stated in 10th, but after he went off the track his new position was 17th on the restart. Yes, I said restart, I can't remember the last time I saw a red flagged Formula One race.