Back in 1998 MG kicked out a concept car of 200 bhp on a 1.8 litre engine. The shape has been altered which you would expect of a concept car. A chrome center console, 17 inch wheels, leather on everything and a nice look. I maintain that most concept cars are meant to be viewed from a distance to cover up flaws and fake accessories. This is no different in the fact that the tonneau cover, which was supposed to be made from carbor-fibre, was no more than fibreglass and duct tape according to MG Enthusiast. One of the filler caps is fake, it has a radio antenna with no radio and some items not attached like one would like. Some never run, no engines, no transmissions, etc.

Concept cars don't usually make it to the general public very soon. Usually retained by the auto company or its designer. The owner bought it from MG when they were selling everything off before the Nanjing takeover. For some reason he didn't hang on to it and had it auctioned off by Coys at the end of May. It was sold in the neighborhood of 13,500 GBP and now rests with the auto dealer JOHN BROWN. They have it on the market for 18,950 GBP and can be reached at:

+44 1767 641333 or +44 7860 264932