White Lightning...245 mph on batteries

Starting Saturday there will be 500 drivers shooting for some new landspeed records at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. 347 cars and 146 motorcycles have signed up so far. They have added a new straight this year to help handle the load. So now they have two 8 mile straights and one 5 mile. Each year some records are stamped into the dust, er, salt. Old cars, newer cars, 2-3-4 wheels, streamlined rockets, running on a multitude of fuels....they are all here.

Current landspeed record for turbos is 763 mph set back in 1997. British designed and it was done at Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The current motorcycle record is almost 351 mph set last year. This runs a full week through Friday the 17th.

Corbin Harley-Davidson