Classic car dealer from Pennsylvania, Peter Brotman, was convicted of defrauding his clients of about $2.2 million. He would take a car on consignment, sell it and then not send the client the money. Sometimes he would trade it to other clients in payment of what he owed them. Another guy with a perfect job, hob-nobing with the rich and famous and he blew it. One of the people he cheated was Nicolas Cage and I heard that Mike Tyson was also one.

When he was charged he left his wife and kids and headed for France. France doesn't like to send people back for crimes they have commited. These guys can't help themselves. Interpol arrested him in Spain trying to broker a $450 million art deal. If he had stayed in France he might have been able to escape being arrested. So, he only gets 5 years compared with the story below where the man gets 25 years. I guess if you are going to steal millions you should do it in Pennsylvania.

His lawyer had the balls to say, Brotman "did not prey on the unsophisticated or otherwise vulnerable consumer. His victims were businessmen, equally knowledgeable in the collectable car trade." What? Because you know the business you are to get ripped and eat it. End of story.