1954 FERRARI 250 GT EUROPA $650,000 TO $800,000

Introduced to the public in 1953 at the Paris Auto Show along with the Ferrari 375 America. A V-12 with over 200 horsepower topping out at 135 Miles per hour. Only 17 Europas were built by Pinin Farina and all went to the United States except for one each to Charlie Chaplin, Princess de Rethy of Belgium, Prince Bernhard of Holland, Enzo Ferrari and this one. It was sold in December 1954 to Mrs. Paola Ferrari for Ms. Mirka Landini of Italy. In the 6o's it was owned by Mr. J. McCoy of Missouri and then in the 90's it went to Albert Obrist in Switzerland. Bernie Ecclestone moved it to the United Kingdom in 2000.

Zoom! Zoom!! By the way, it sold for $ 748,000