The last race of Formula One had me on the edge of my seat. A three way shoot out going in to the race for the World Championship. Hamilton with 107 points, Alonso with 103 and Raikkonen with 100. Anybody's game. A lot of people wanted to see Hamilton do it because he has done so much to change the face of Formula One this year. Others wanted to see Alonso do it for the third time in a row. And others felt that Raikkonen deserved it because he had been so close so many times and had won the most races this year.

Raikkonen ended up winning the race and the Championship with 110 points and Alonso and Hamilton each had 109. If it had been like that every year for the past ten years people wouldn't have gotten so bored with Formula One. Just to show how rare it is the last time it went to the last race was in 1986. I am hoping that next year will be just as exciting.