Massa, Alonso and Raikkonen resumed in first to third places in Brazil. Massa was very tearful right after the race with good reason on two counts. One, he won in his home country where he is very popular, tears of joy. Second, in a split five seconds after he was told he was World Champion he then found out that he was runner up, tears of sorrow. After the first lap it was a "ho-hum" race until the last lap. What a lap...anybody that was watching was out of their seat, throwing hats in the air, jumping up and down and all the while not believeing what they were seeing. I watched it somewhere different than I usually go, but people were calling me to see if I understood what happened. If you had turned your head away thinking that Massa was the Champ when he crossed the line with Hamilton in 6th place, you missed what happened in a split second. People were already going nuts when Hamilton let one car past him and another squeezed himself in and put Hamilton in 6th with no time left to pass them. He needed to be at least in fifth to when the Championship. Then came the rain and one car, two places in front of him, was on dry tires. Started loosing time and 'bingo' the two cars behind him passed and Hamilton was in 5th with only 5 secons to spare. Oh, well, next year is another year.