In the rain, in the dark, what a race. South Korea's brand new track opened to hours of pouring rain. Rarely is Formula One stopped from starting on time, but today was it. The race was delayed well over an hour. It was supposed to start at 9:00 AM and I went to the bar that I usually watch it from at 8:00. An English breakfast and several beers later it finally ended.

My guy, Webber, crashed out and with that it knocked him out of the lead for the championship. They were able to run the complete race under the time limit with a full 50% of the cars being wrecked at some point. The brand new track was still laying down the black-top last Sunday and there weren't any lights around the track. Because of the delay, the last few laps were run in the dark. Going 200 miles per hour on a wet winding road in the dark doesn't appeal to me, but sure was interesting to watch. These guys do have brass balls.

Alonso from Ferrari won the race and it put him in the lead for the championship. Followed by Lewis Hamilton in 2nd and Massa in 3rd. With that there is now only four that could pull off the championship in the last two races coming up. They are Alonso, Webber, Hamilton and Vettel. I would love to see Webber get it. But it is what it is....and anything can happen.

photo credit: © 2010