This Aston Martin DB2/4 MKIII with chassis number AM300/3/1315 is first registered at the 8th of may 1957. It has been sold by agent Societe Mirabeau in France. It is very rare to have an original European Aston Martin DB2/4 MKII with for example kilometer indicators. The Aston Martin is full matching, even the engine as well as the body colour and interior are still in the same specification as it was when the car was newly delivered in 1957. This Aston DB 2/4 MKIII with chassis number AM/300/3/1315 is one of the only 150 cars with the original early back lights which makes this example very rare. Although the former French owner, the engine has been completely rebuild. Furthermore this Aston has an overdrive which makes the car very usable on longer trips. The chrome on the Aston has been renewed. In combination with the beautiful paintwork (original Imperial Crimson Red) is the car looking very impressive. A lot of money has been spend on this Aston to make it an extremely nice, unique but above all original specification car.

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Car is in Holland