During the months off from Formula One a lot of the drivers do other forms of racing. Rally driving has been the big one in the last few years. A lot of drivers are cross-over drivers. Polish driver, Robert Kubica, was driving in the rally in the small country of Andora. A high speed accident put a guard-rail right through the car. This is not the first time that has happened to a rally car. He and his co-driver were lucky that they weren't cut in half. He is left with multiple broken bones of the right arm and leg and his right hand was almost cut off. I hope it can be saved. Always a challenger for the championship, he will be out of the running this year.

 In 2007, he walked away virtually unscathed from a massive crash in Canada (shown on this blog), but he still bears the scars of a serious road accident as a passenger in 2003 that left him with titanium bolts in his arm.

video credit: © 2011