ONLY 9,2635 ORIGINAL MILES. Everything on this car is original right down to the Radial TA tires. The tires, as old as they are, hardly show any sign of cracking or checking but I would recommend changing if your going to drive the car any distant. This car is in beautiful condition, it has no dents or dings or scratches. The interior has no tears, rips or wear spots, there is no dashboard cracks or seperation. Everything works, including the air doors. I just changed all fluids, filters and plugs.I am still driving it on occasion. There is ABSOLUTLY NO RUST ON THE UNDERCARRIAGE and the exhaust is rock solid, it is a A REAL HEAD TURNER. It is car number 1301 of 2854. The color is Safety Suntan of which there were only 188 made in 1975, the lowest of all colors and only 292 in all. It has the Ford 351W engine and the matching 3 Speed Ford FMX Transmission. It comes with it's Birth Certificate, Window Sticker, Mega Dealership Brochures and a vast assortment of information pamphlets. I bought this car with the intention of using it as a winter project but it is in such nice condition that anything I would do to it would lessen it's originality and it's value so I have purchased another Bricklin that is trashed and will make it my project car. I have included many pictures and have many more and will answer any questions that I can about the car. I don't know all the concours rules for showing this car but everything seems to be there, all the stickers and etc. It has it's original window sticker that is also in perfect condition.

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Car is in South Carolina

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