CSX 3112 is a true 427 Street Cobra that has survived unmodified for almost 50 years. CSX 3112 has had a complete no expense spared ground-up restoration and was a Gold Award recipient at the SAAC-30 in 2005.

With grey primer and black interior, this Shelby Cobra (CSX3112) was billed to Shelby American on 12/3/65, with a credit allowance of £8 for “no final paint color.” It was shipped to L.A. At Shelby American, work order #18093, “Build 427 street Cobra CSX3112,” was opened on 1/11/66 and closed 3/4/66. The car was painted “Silver” at this time. Shelby invoice #A 2656, dated 3/16/66, billed Herb Tousley Ford, Inc. (White Bear Lake, MN) for the car: “CSX3112, Cobra, $6,088.00, plus freight, $325, total: $6,413.00.” The car’s first known owner was Harvey Vance, a student at Vance AFB (Enid, OK) who acquired it used. According to Vance, 3112 was involved in a collision which damaged the front bodywork circa ’67. The car received some fresh alloy panels in the rebuilding process. Once the repairs were completed, Vance swapped 3112 to his flight instructor, Jay Schaff (Enid, OK), for a ’65 GT350 and cash. In ’68 Schaff traded away the Cobra for a Corvette, some cash and some “stuff” in Oklahoma City. Ray Post (OK), the Cobra’s new owner, sold it back to Harvey Vance shortly thereafter. The car was then traded for a 300 SL Mercedes Gullwing. Its next reported owners were John O’Neill (MO) and Frank Bernadini (Richmond, VA).

In the spring of ’74 the car appeared in a classified ad: “Cobra 427, CSX3112, Mechanically excellent, body and interior good, paint fair. Halibrands. Asking $9,999.95. Call Griffiths or Snow.” The phone number was from MD. 3112 was purchased by Bill Gidden (TN), who advertised it for sale in 10/74: “CSX3112, Car is beautiful in every way. Red with black leather. New Michelins. $13,900 for the fastest of classics.” Dan Hamelberg (Urbana, IL) bought the car and upgraded it before offering it for sale in 11/75: “AC Cobra 427, CSX3112. Cobra red, new black leather, new T/A’s, new engine, cross bolted mains, all original, well cared for, $16,800.” Dealer Leo Gephart (OH) purchased 3112 and sold it to Peter McManus (Thornton, PA). The car remained in the possession of McManus, sharing the garage with Allard, until ’02, when Paul Andrews (Moorestown, NJ) bought it. It was offered for sale late that summer: “Very early 427 street car currently under restoration. Never altered – no hood scoop, roll bar, side pipes. We can complete this wide-hip, square taillight, original 427 engined car to your specs and color.” Andrew’s asking price was $329K.

The car was sold to Randy Holt (Milton, WA). Holt had a complete body/frame restoration performed, with Bruce Kimmins (Lake Havasu, AZ) handling the aluminum work; Dave Bliss rebuilding the 427 side-oiler engine; Bill Ericson (Seattle, WA) rebuilding the top-loader transmission; and Mobile Services (Seattle, WA) rebuilding the brakes. All the suspension was rebuilt, following which Fred Kroll (Silverdale, WA) installed new inner panels, chrome, fresh black upholstery, a new wiring harness, and a stainless steel street exhaust system. The car was repainted silver. The restoration was completed in the summer of ’04, and a year later 3112 received a gold award in the concours at SAAC-30 (Fontana, CA). Holt put 3112 up for sale in 12/06 at a price of $650K. It was sold early in ’07 to Ed Blais (Park City, UT) with 70 miles of use on it since its restoration.

This car comes complete with the original side curtains, top and bows, and jack. In addition, a spare set of original Halibrand wheels and BF Goodrich T/A Radials are also included. In concours condition.

Located in California....1-831-340-9940

photo and text credit: © 2011 Canepa Design