Don't ask KV Racing General Manager Mark Johnson for the Carfax reports on the three 2011-spec Dallara IR07s the team has for sale through eBay’s classifieds service. Frankly, even if he could produce Carfaxes for the team fleet of redundant Indy cars, it might just be easier to watch the humorous (but expensive to make) highlight reel of some of the crashes the cars were subjected to. You can watch at:

Yet for one lucky customer (or possibly three individual buyers), the cars of Tony Kanaan, Takuma Sato and E.J. Viso can be had as a package for $135,000, or individually for $50,000 apiece, minus engine and a few miscellaneous bits. And for the buyer who opts for the three-car package, prepare to hire an extra moving truck as it comes with a full catalog of spares.

With new 2012 Dallara DW12s due to arrive at KV’s shop in Indianapolis in less than two weeks, clearing space on the shop floor, in the spare parts room and in the team’s haulers is now a priority, and with three redundant IR07s on its hands, using the popular internet auction site’s classified section to part with those cars made the most sense to KV’s Johnson.

Whether it a mechanically-inclined racer who wants to try and fit a different engine to the Dallara or a business in search of a display car, Johnson hopes to get cars out the door and into the hands of those who want to take possession of their very own Indy car.

Take the IR07’s original sticker price of $500,000, add a healthy spares package per car and the annual development budgets associated with the vehicles, and compared to all the funding that was sunk into the Lotus-liveried Dallaras, the cars can be acquired for a fraction of their former value.

The goodies that make up the seven crates of spares, according to Johnson, also carried a hefty price tag at one point.

photo credit: KV Racing
edited text credit: Marshall Pruett via © 2011