For as much as Formula One (Germany) almost put me to sleep this Indycar race had me on the edge of me seat. Going in I felt that this race would be a loser, held on a very flat airport surface. I never liked airport races from day one. In Edmonton's favor they totally revamped the track. Qualifying was withing 10's of a second.

Helio Castroneves came in first, barely, as Takuma Sato was only 0.8367 of a second behind him. Castroneves was thrilled because two years ago, at this very track, he had a win taken away from him by a penalty for blocking. Psssst! It is just racing. Will Power came in third.

Sato, who is still my favorite for this year, was in second-third-fourth, second-third-fourth, second-third-fourth, it was hard to tell where he would end up. When he was finally closing in on Castroneves at the end I am sure that his team told him to just hang on for the second spot. He has a history of taking the dive for the win only to crash out. This was his highest Indycar finish to date.

I don't like same race penalties on those that finish in the top three. As with Castroneves two years ago or with Vettel today in Formula One. These people have earned that spot by risking life and limb. If race control can't give a penalty timely then they should carry it over to qualifying on the next race. Believe me, a 20 second penalty in qualifying will put them at the back of the pack.

photo credit: Jason Franson via © 2012