Canada, Oh, Canada! Finally a race that had me on the edge of my seat and got me on my feet for the last few laps. Nico Rosberg, who started on the pole and for practical purposes led most of the race had some kind of power failure in the last few laps. I was hoping that he would win, but I am just as happy that Daniel Ricciardo took the plunge and won his first Grand Prix. It was only a matter of time. Rosberg was able to hang on to second and Sebastian Vettel came in third. I am sure Vettel was happy with that since his season has had many problems. It is rare to see a bad race in Canada and they didn't disappoint.
In the very last lap Massa crashed into Perez and both of them went into the wall. It was on youtube within minutes, but immediately blocked by Formula One. It was a very heavy crash and when it happens in the last lap it takes a while to find out what happend. After a first lap crash the cars got strung out in single file and I was afraid that would be it. I was sure wrong about that, very exciting.

photo credit: © 2014