If everyone didn't love Monaco so much it wouldn't be on the race schedule. The cars are now too big compared to the days of 1929 or the cigar shape of the 60's and 70's. Until then we have to put up with it. General admission is about the usual price, but anything beyond that is sky-high, you could buy a used car with that money. So, in the beginning it looked like Raikkonen was going to win. In the lead on a track that is almost impossible to pass. At some point Ferrari pulled him in and let Vettel out ahead of him. I hate when these teams do that, but it is their call. I just like to see those that are supposed to ...without divine intervention. In any event it was Ferrari first win in 16 years.

Vettel came in first and Raikkonen second. Third went to Danial Riciardo....smiling as always. Jensen Botton came out of retirement to fill in for Alonzo who was off to America to race in the Indy 500. Poor Jensen, still running with bad luck. He qualified 9th, but then got a 15 place penalty putting him at the end of the line-up...that on a track that is almost impossible to pass. Then on lap 57 he banged into Weherlein and sent him head-first into the wall. I don't mean head-first as in the front-end of the car, I mean head-first as the one that holds your brains. The Haas team ended up in the points for both cars with finishes at and 10th. Felipe Massa finished 9th and poor Hulkenberg was the first one out in lap 15,

photo credit: © 2017