Most production cars today will never be a classic twenty-five or fifty years down the road. So you have a lot of companies producing ‘niche’ cars in a short production run to fill that void.

Lotus has just announced details of a very special limited edition - one that only 25 people will be lucky enough to own.

The ‘Exige S Club Racer’ celebrates the company's monumental racing heritage - most visibly through its paintwork. The sky blue finish harks back to club racers of the '60s and is set off by a 'Phantom Black' tri-stripe. Black leather, AC and an exhaust that will knock your socks off.

Selling at a value price of only $81,000 it would be interesting to see who gets these 25 cars. Outside of the company, that is. It produces 218hp at 7,800rpm, 158lb/ft of torque which will give you 0-60mph in a time of 4.1 seconds. A classic in the making.

People that have been counting how fast the Ferrari Enzo limited production (400) series is disappearing from the roads should realize that it is a lot easier to count backwards from 25 than 400.