Last week after the Belgium race there were five races left. Holland, Australia, China, Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona. Now just one week later after the race in Holland there are only two races left. Australia and Mexico.

What happened in China: China never came up with all the paper work to get the cars in the country. This is a common problem in China, but when it is for a big event like this it is inexcusable. No one has said, but another problem with China is taking the money and taking a walk. It wouldn’t surprise me. They had a whole year to get it together.

What happened in Phoenix: They also had a year to get it together. Apparently they lost the title sponsor several months ago. And also had trouble getting other corporate sponsors. It is kind of a slap in the face to have an American based race series end their season in Mexico. It is not like Formula One who is really all over the world all the time. The two mile track would have been on the downtown streets of Phoenix. How nice.