McLaren Team has been notified by Italian prosecutor, Giuseppe Tibis, that someone is under investigation for the removal of data from Ferrari that was found in the team’s possession. The notice was given to six people, so, who are they after? Or are they on a fishing trip?

Notified were team boss Ron Dennis, group manager Martin Whitmarsh, managing director Jonathan Neale, technical director Paddy Lowe, designer Rob Taylor and the chief designer Mike Coughlan who is suspended. He is alleged to have received the information from Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney. They both deny it.

Besides having the legal problem the matter comes up in front of the World Motor Sport Council in just a few days. What could they do? Levy huge fines on the team, make them sit out next year, make them sit out the rest of this year or since McLaren is first and second in the championship standing…strip them of all points. Either way it won’t be good.

Did McLaren really have it with someone’s knowledge? Was it planted by Ferrari to level the playing field? If it wasn’t planted how it the authorities find out about it?

The prosecutor claims that he has information leading to charges of possession of industrial secrets, sporting fraud and sabotage. Claiming that the sabotage was done to the Ferrari cars before their engineer was caught at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Maybe, but Massa came in third and Raikkonen came it eighth. Like under normal circumstances this couldn’t happen? Well, its Grand Prix and anything can happen.