So, the circus rules, new cars, new teams, new drivers and drivers switching teams. A beautiful day in Bahrain, no sand storms. The track here is a little too long for me. The cars get too spread out, especially when there is a high dropout rate. Oh, well, that's Formula One.

Alonzo, switching to Ferrari, rolled into first place. His teammate returning from his horrorific injuy, Filipe Massa, was second. Third goes to Lewis Hamilton, still with McLaren. The returning Michael Schumacher came in fifth. As a friend of mine in Michigan said, "What does he have to prove?" Of the new teams only Lotus had both cars finish.

A friend in Albania said of Alonzo, "Doesn't he look soooooooo handsome up there in first place?" I have to admit that he looked better than he has for a couple of years.

photo credit: Fred Dufour, Agence France-Presse, Getty Images