Nico Rosberg was able to stay far out in front from the beginning to the end for the win in his home country. Behind him the race was a real race with plenty of challenges, enough to keep it interesting. Second place went to Valtteri Bottas who will someday be a champion. He is doing very well. Third place went to Lewis Hamilton who was easily the driver of the day. Starting in pit lane at the very end of the very full field, he passed one car per lap to be in second place by lap 18. With his pit stops he ended up in third, a busy day for him with good results.

In the first turn of the first lap, Massa in third, didn't see Kevin Magnussen on his right side and pulled into him. Magnussen punted Massa like a soccer ball tipping him over. The forever unlucky Massa wasn't hurt which is the only good luck he can ask for.

Speaking of soccer balls, Rosberg painted a picture of the Soccer World's Cup on the top of his helmet in tribute to Germany's title win last week. The governing body of soccer, FIFA, made him take it off his helmet. A lot of the top drivers change helmets for each race, auction them off at the end of the year and donate the money to charity.

top photo credit: © 2014 Jens Meyer
center photo credit: © 2014 Petr David Josek
bottom photo credit: © 2014 Bleacher Report