Hungary is one of my favorite old tracks. I mostly liked the outcome of today's most interesting race. Four-time world champ, Sebastian Vettel, got the jump at the beginning and never had to look back. It was getting boring with Mercedes almost always winning. Kind of like Vettel when he was at Red Bull and Schumacher at Ferrari. Vettel, now driving for Ferrari, got the first win here since 2004 when Schumacher did it for them. It was the first time Vettel had won here which seems impossible since his four championships seemed like he won every where. Today was is 41st win to tie with the late Senna.

All the changes were behind the winner and change they did. In the last few laps one of the changes put Danill Kvyat, 21 year old Russian, in second place even with a 10 second penalty. Daniel Ricciardo came in third after having three contacts with other cars. Both of them are teammates at Red Bull.

The McLaren team, which has be limping around like a three-legged dog this year, finished in the points. Alonso in 5th and Button in 9th.

Massa ended up in 12th and Hulkenberg was out due to a crash caused by his front wing folding up underneath the car.

photo credit: © 2015 The Telegraph