Well, well, well.....finally we get to see how the rest of them race....and 'race' they did. First off, I have to make mention of this beautiful track, perfect. Let's speak of Max Verstappen who last year became the youngest driver ever to join the ranks of Formula One. One race after another he has proven the 'nay-sayers' wrong and today was no exception. Within the Red Bull ranks he switched teams, from Toro Roso to Red Bull, to drive a car that he had never driven before. Even though both teams belong to Red Bull the cars are totally different. He took that car to first place which just proves he should have been in that car all along. It may not have happened if the Mercedes team hadn't taken themselves out of the game on the fourth corner. Yes, Hamilton and Rosberg finally ran into each other. It was bound to happen with them racing right next to each other for into the third season. I know that they say you are not supposed to run into your teammate, but it does happen from time to time. What I didn't like was the German team's response....marching both drivers off to be interrogated.....or worse. It gives one an ill feeling.

Raikkonen did a beautiful job of placing second and his teammate Vettel came in third. My favorites, Massa and Hulkenberg, came in 8th and engine failure after 20 laps respectfully. As a team, my American favorite Haas, came in 11th and failure to finish at lap 56.

upper photo credit: © 2016
lower photo credit: © 2016 Google