If you are reading this… then you know you want one…
There is only one car like it: DMC-12
Whether it is Back to the Future, the timeless head turning good looks, or the legend of John DeLorean the man, the DeLorean automobile is unique not only among its peers, but in all of automotive history.
I have owned this car for 16 years, so I know… and now you can too.
There are a number of DeLoreans on Hemmings- here are some reasons to choose mine:
I'm located in downtown Washington D.C. This car has been garaged for most of its life. It is not a perfect car, but a solid, stock daily driver that runs well, been well maintained, and is all original with all of the factory updates made. It has been serviced by the best over the years: PJ Grady (New York) and DeLorean Joe (Atlanta).
My DeLorean was built in December 1981 #6377), and it is, to many, the best and most valuable combination that a DeLorean can be: gray leather interior, manual transmission, hood lines and no gas flap with rear antenna.
Oh, and for what it is worth, the car has been driven by John Z. DeLorean and by Lea Thompson!
I also have manuals, an extra re-done rim, and some other supplies that I'll throw in if you pay full price.
This car loves to be driven, and it has been: it has 84,500 well maintained, original miles.
This car also has all the other standard features you'd expect in a DeLorean: 304 grade brushed stainless steel outer body (nearly perfect), gull wing doors (new struts), a V6 overhead cam 2.8 liter aluminum alloy rear mounted engine (see picture). If you live in Washington, Maryland, or Virginia it qualifies for historic license plates...and yes, you can still get it serviced and all the parts you need for not unreasonable prices.
Sound interesting? The price of this car is $24,500. That's lower than any car sold through DMC Houston (Google it) – and very competitively priced to similar conditioned cars in Hemmings, e-Bay Motors, etc.
I can tell you this: you will never drive this car without turning heads, and you'll be invited to display it at car shows, Back to the Future screenings and events, 80's nights, disco parties, and the list goes on and on. I'm told (though I haven't done it) that you can also rent it out for parties for hundreds of dollars a night (as if you needed another reason to buy the car)!
Located in Washington, DC.........1-216-392-6465
 photo and text credit: © 2016 Hemmings